Dr. Andrew Rynne retiring in August

I’ve just learned that Dr. Andrew Rynne will be retiring in August.

Dr, Rynne is a great Doctor who has done alot to help PFS sufferers.

People here might want to drop him an email and thank him for all the good work he has done for raising awareness and treating PFS patients over the years.

He will be greatly missed when he steps down in August.


twitter.com/wwwandrewrynne/stat … 4784744448

blogtalkradio.com/pfsglobal/ … drew-rynne
doctorrynne.blogspot.ie/2011/02/ … pecia.html
mobile.medicalindependent.ie/pag … ntid=58263

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Dr Rynne will still be available for Online Consultation through www.medicaladviceforyou.com
(website currently under construction)

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Another update,

I’ve been told that Dr. Rynne’s successor Dr. Emmett Byrne will also be seeing PFS patients.


Has anyone spoken to Dr Rynne via online consultation? Is it helpful? What services did he offer?

Has anyone gone to see Dr. Emmett Byrne for PFS ?

I tried to make an appointment via his online consultation but hasn’t got back to me.

Hes also on facebook.

He never got back to me on FB. Sent him a short message.

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