Doubts about Metformin as a supplement

I’m feeling really well on Metformin. It chilled me and brought mental clarity. And brought down the inflammation.
It is being a really nice complement.

The thing is that comes from some pros and contra.

It decreasses/downregulate AR expression.
Is an HDAC inhibitor, thus causing demethylation.
Is anti inflammatory by itself.

But also lowers testosterone from -15/-40% in various studies.

Honestly, i don’t know to which point this is good or bad, some people get bad increasing androgens and other have relief doing the opposite.

If you were me, would you stay on it seeing the mental improvements, or you would quit cause “reduces testosterone” ?

Some believe lowering test is the answer to PFS. I for one feel better when its lower.

I’m feeling too frankly well.

Have been there any recoveries or marked improvements after lower androgens?

I really want to continue with metformin. Has some special interesting features. And also kicked my brain fog.

It has a lot of health benefits, research it! Its been around since the 80s but America weren’t keen on it!!! To be cautious it may be worth lowering the dose or taking alternate days. I’ve had a few false dawn’s over the years which ended in a crash and wish ide been more careful. Getting mprovements becomes addictive. Good luck im following with great interest

Every drug has pros and cons but Metformin is something I would even take. I read a lot about it because of david sinclair and if you feel better then it is doing something positive. You can always quit when you want

Yes, but you know i have the fear maybe that halts my possible recovery. Is a fear i have inside. The uncertainity of… is going to be a partial relief in exchange that no definitive recovery?

It happened that feeling to me with SSRI, which i must take do my OCD.

In any case, if it benefits someone, i took already 4 months in 2020, and man, i didn’t crashed and hold its efficacy, make my mind clearer, and shutdown my immune system.


Glad to hear that, I honestly do not know if it is a good idea to continue or not, what symptoms do you have? just mental?

I thought it would maybe help with pfs since the recoveries could have the activation of sirtuin pathways in common that led to these recoveries. I had read david sinclairs book and fasting diet exercise were manners to activate these sirtuins (longevity pathways). Metformin does the same as these 3 so therefore i though it maybe could help people with pfs. I believe it is a safe medication. But ifyou feel not taking it anymore then just stop it. You can always restart to test again when you feel like it. Nobody in th3 world can give you good advice what to do since we do not understand pfs, especially not in combination with metformin


I have the full pack.
Sexual + physical + mental.
Metformin gives me a huge relief in physical and mental.
And doesn’t seem to vanish with time.

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Still doing pretty well on Metformin after 1 month.
Brain fog greatly reduced.
Anxiety too.
My mind had been normalized.
I also had a drastic reduction of physical symptoms like adrenergics outbursts, pain, or alergic symptomatology.
Is it a cure? I don’t know. But for now my syndrome is improving, i can live better and the trend is damn positive.

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Which mental sides to experience?

Brain fog, anxiety, fear, adrenergic hyperactivation, memory issues, emotional distress…
Actually PFS reminds me PTSD. If you look on the symptoms of PTSD, are quite similar.

@finaduta how are you doing are you still on metformin?

Nope. Discontinued like 3 weeks ago.
Was promising during firsts months but then like everything returned to our “reality” again
Didn’t harm me in any case if you wonder.

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Damn that’s a shame but thanks for letting me know and at least it didn’t hurt u. I was thinking of giving jgt a try as many of my problems seem to be insulin related.

You can try berberin its a plant an has the same effect on bloodsugar like metformin but less sideeffects

@finaduta Hey man, thanks for sharing. Can i ask you some questions? Coz i’m interested in trying metformine too.

Do you have or do you think to suffer of insuline-resistence? How is your HOMA Index?
Which dosage are you taking of metformine? Your endo said that it’s safe?

I don’t have diabetes, blood work is fine, don’t even know that HOMA existed.
Various doctors (friends) told me is safe, so no risk there. Just not drink heavily.
I took between 750 and 1500mg day.