Does there seem to be any relationship between the length of time someone takes Finasteride and how long it takes to recover (in those who do)?

I was wondering if any trends have been observed in how long it takes someone to recover from the drug in those who do. I ask because I took Fin for 4 years which seems longer than most people on this sub. I worry that my chances of recovery are very slim without some sort of treatment coming along. It’s been about 3.5 years that I’ve had PFS, since quitting.

I’d like to know this as well. I only took Fin for 1 month. Been suffering for about 8 months now.

From a 2017 study:

" Among men 16–42 years old and exposed to finasteride ≤1.25 mg/day, 34 of 4,284 (0.8%) developed PED (persistence median 1,534 days, IQR 651–2,351 days); the multivariable model predicting PED had one variable: duration of 5α-RI exposure. Of 103 young men with new ED, 34 (33%) had new PED. Young men with >205 days of finasteride exposure had 4.9-fold higher risk of PED (NNH 108.2, p < 0.004) than men with shorter exposure."

It only says persistent erectile dysfunction is more prominent in users who used the drug for more than 205 days but the recovery rate seems to be anywhere between 2 to 7 years.

I believe so though not everyone is in agreement. I’m aware of a few who took it for a relatively short period of time and recovered at 3 months. I took it on and off for close to 2 decades. Been off it now for 2 years and still deteriating. If I’d known the cause and stopped after months or even a few years Im confident I’d be in a much much better position

As Wintermoon pointed out 5ari use duration is proportional to PFS recovery times. As with everything in the post drug syndrome world there always exists exceptions. some only took the pills for a couple of weeks and have been suffering for years

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What does the standard trend look like?

recovery generally fits into a unimodal bell curve with the mean recovery time being ~4 years after discontinuation. low chances of illness persisting more than a decade.