Does the peyronies get worse?

For those guys who’ve had peyronies, or ‘propecia peyronies’, does it get worse with time?

I think I might get a VED pump it’s supposed to help if used twice daily. … +pump&aq=f

Here are some notes I have from researching peyronies treatments:

Kenalog is triamcinolone


Cholchicine - This is a prescription medication long used for gout.

Potaba - (Aminobenzoate Potassium) Potaba is used to treat fibrosis,

Pentoxiphylline (pentox or Trental) - Pentox has been used in humans in a variety of inflammatory and fibrotic conditions.

Vacuum Erection Device (VED) -

Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALC) -

DMSO - As is most alternative treatments, the use of dimethyl sulfoxide or DMSO in treating Peyronie’s Disease is controversial. sre researching injectable enzymes of a very different nature to break down and remold collagen scar tissue.

Hyperthermia (Heat Therapy) - The application of heat to the penis

Enzymes - bromelain, papain, serrapeptase, rutin, and nattokinase. The are often sold under brand names such as Wobenzym, Fibrozym, Vitalzym, and Neprinol.

Verapamil ?

-----------------------some opinions of other people-----------------------------

  1. The active forms of Vitamin E are Gamma-Tocopherol and the Tocotrienols. The common synthetic Alpha-Tocopherol form is useless in my opinion. (posters notes on another forum)

  2. ALC does work, but it takes a LONG TIME. Progress is measured over years, not weeks.

  3. There is at least one study showing Potaba to be effective and some of those who have used it have found it to be beneficial. Potaba takes a LONG TIME to be effective, once again, progress measured over years, not weeks.

All these different supps and vits on top of whatever other supps, hormones and vits are required to to treat post-fin symptoms like fog, fatigue, ed etc etc…

This is a list of things that I saw peyronies forum users posting about. How to overlay all this on top of the FIN sydrome treatments is an excellent question and the one I am trying to figure out myself. When I take to many meds/supplimnts I get the “middle of the night panick attack thing”

Two big meds seem to be trazodone & pentox.

They also speak of a “window” where treatments can tend to be more effective. Its hard to know how long my pyronies has been there and at what rate it is progressing. So I dont know if I am in the “window” or past it.

I developed Peyronie’s around the same time I was using Propecia although I’m not 100% sure that it was the cause. The treatment for it is quite simple if you just talk to your doctor, or an Urologist would be even better. They offer surgery, topical treatments and other options as well. I used the penis stretcher and vitamin E to overcome Peyronie’s. It was pretty easy and I am very pleased with the result. I just wore the stretcher 4 hours a day for 3 months, rubbed some vitamin E oil every so often, and now the curve is completely gone.

Guys, don’t be afraid of Peyronie’s. It is easy to cure and doesn’t cause permanent damage.

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Glad to hear your peyronies attenuated. How long had you had it prior to treatment? Was it just a bend and/or diffuse hardened tissue with changes in girth? Also, which “stretcher” did you use? Brand, Model?

I am not entirely sure how long I had Peyronie’s because the diagnosis was kind of a shock to me (I hadn’t known what Peyronie’s was at the time). I could have had it for as long as 2 years because I did have a slight curve during that time period. It wasn’t until the curve got really bad to the point where I couldn’t have sex, that I decided to get checked out and got diagnosed. The Urologist offered to do surgery but I declined because I heard some really nasty stories in doing my own research on the subject. He ended up selling me an X4 Labs Deluxe model for $600. I was pleased with the device but I got screwed on the price (I should have known that doctors overcharge). I found the exact same device online for ~$350. Still the initial advice the Urologist gave me was well worth the money.

Here’s a good new review of peyronie’s treatments.


was just wondering if anyone’s propecia induced peyronies has worsened to the point where they have developed a full on 45/90 degree curve? or just to the point where they were unable to have sex, despite being able to gain an erection?