Does taking sugar make you tired?

It’s a symptom I’ve noticed before pfs. But it seems pfs made it worse.

It’s sometimes a sign of insulin resitance and can cause diabetes afaik. Any others having the same issue?

I’m not too restrictive on my diet, and eat what I want, although that’s going to change now.
Curious if you guys have this issue too.

How much sugar are you consuming? I started having tiredness and fatigue after eating 30-40g sugar in a day around my 18th birthday few years back. It’s probably natural and I view it as a good thing if it happens when you consume more than recommended amount (~36 g for male adult) as a possible diabetes deterrent.

There’s also a symptom where your body (particularly the extremities) begins to ache if you have high blood sugar from intaking too much at a time. This is caused by inflammation due to elevated levels but it’s not particularly dangerous if you maintain a healthy sugar intake for the most part.