Does Rogaine and Propecia cause the same harm to body chemistry?

I would like to know, because I would like to try out some recovery protocols I have come across here on this forum. Like trying out the tribulus protocol.

Here is a link to many people who were harmed by Rogaine

Wow! This is huge! And they keep selling this rat poison, I cant get it…

Hi @Rogainestudy,

The reason we offer membership to patients like yourself is that over the many years we see the same syndrome occurring in certain consumers following exposure to a range substances that notably interrupt androgen signaling. These are listed on the “about” page of the website. Minoxidil has been shown to markedly downregulate 5 alpha reductase type 2, the enzyme finasteride is a mechanistic and selective inhibitor of, so a similar mechanism underlying the similar lasting effects would appear likely.



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Thank you, I wish I could find an endo that would take time to read all that and not just think we’re crazy. Anyone here have success with HCG? That’s what I think I’m going to ask my endo if we could try out. My testicles feel so drained all the time… would love to get the feeling of them full of life again

Search the forum. There have been a number of HCG experiments

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