Does muscle pain mean atrophy?

guys, i have a lot of pain my muscles. My hands, my legs, my face. And twitcing all my muscles. Is that mean this areas atrophying? Or pains are not connected by atrophy?

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It was the same Thing with me Dude.

I had Musclepain and Atrophy at the same Time.
So i think they are connected

Fuck this Ratpoison

Are you better now? I have the same sintoms now

Any update on this at all? I have substantial muscle wastage & weakness

How are things did the atrophy stop?

Hey Lazarus,

Do you also have a feeling of very weakness and fatigue? Crashing after sports or sex?

When I flex my muscles particularly my thighs and bicepss my muscles shake whilst flexing even just from flexing it is the same with excersize and I have these mini crashes really quickly from sex or sports. After excerise I’ll get blurry vision and a feeling of over doing it.

~ shaking muscles when flexing / workout
~ mini crashes post sex or sports
~ general weakness and low energy feeling.
~ no libido bad erections

Yes @Bray-bass all of that but can’t have sex anymore the shaking is more like a tremor now as my muscles have disintegrated. Vision is all over the place. I’m years in though mate hopefully you’ll turn the corner. Some suggest big weights to increase test but this can crash some of us. I’d start light with shorter sessions. Like your training for the first time. Then build from there. Good luck

Thanks @LazarusRy for the info

I crashed hard in 2015 but have also now not been reacting well to sex at the moment it’s like I am having more failed attempts because my vigor just runs out and it’s like my body just can’t keep up and the pain is too much, it’s terrible are you also in a relationship? Sex just ruins me now.
I used to be better but it’s like I’m just getting weaker or something… what is your coping strategy?

Thanks for your reply man

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I am married but seperated. PFS being a major player in it. I was probably where you are 8 years ago I didn’t know I had PFS but was getting majorly stressed about the problems I was encountering. My advice would be to stay away from all 5 ar related stuff. Take it easy avoid stress don’t beat yourself up about sex. Hopefully things will settle with time it does for many. Trying to get things back through supps can be the worst thing. It was for me. Get back to basics and live a simple life for now. Do a different type of thing to get rewards. Like acts of kindness / volunteering. It can work wonders. I also believe God will heal me it’s good for the soul too :heart:

Hey Man, thanks for the reply,

I see it’s tricky man, cause for me my girl is really affectionate so it’s tricky , but I fully agree reaching out for new things, trying to think differently, . I’ve tried countless supplements and stuff and 5a dhp, I’ve given up trying. Just rolling these days like a monk now also keep praying and trusting In God’s timing too … everything happens for a reason even though we don’t understand it. I hope you’re okay that side man

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@Bray-bass that’s the right outlook. Hatred, resentment etc can eat you up and PFS absolutely loves that mind set. Each time on earth is school ing for our soul this is part of its learning. It can’t always be plain sailing it has to experience everything. I believe that’s the reason.As you can see I’m ok with that side, it brings a degree of acceptance which I’ve struggled with greatly. Regardless I’ve had some great years there’s always someone worse off. I’m aware of one guy in the PFS community who has it worse than anything I’ve seen in my life. He’s beyond suffering and he’s still fighting. I’m humbled by him it’s made me re evaluate.

That’s encouraging to read man thankyou, there’s always someone worse off for sure, im trying to just be thankful for the things I have left in my life and at least count 10 things everyday I can be thankful for. If I can do that then I guess it is manageable. Life is all about Change and acceptance and how we deal with it. It’s definitely a hole new mind set to adapt to - it sure ain’t easy but I’m with you on the approach on looking outward and not inwards, there’s more problems in the world out there than we have with ourselves. The mind is too powerful. Now it’s just time to accept it. I’ve been fighting it this whole time and it’s been too long and tedious - Time to just give up and let God control the outcome now.

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With that mind set u/we can live with this. Turmoil is destructive.

Amen brother

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Stay safe @Bray-bass. While there is no movement in terms of getting PFS acknowledged or looking to find a treatment the forum does provide a base and a sense of togetherness/support which is often what has kept me going in many a dark hour. Look after yourself. Prays tonight :heartbeat:

I am in same boat. I went from being a runner and weight lifter to just running. I used to be able to easily crank out 3 seats of 12 pull-ups but now I can barely do 2 sets of 2. I also pay for it the days after that with muscle tightness, fatigue, and tremor. Each time I see the doctor, they tell me my ESR and CRP are in normal limits. I’m shocked especially with the muscle pain, twitching, end weakness.

Thanks LazarusRy, It definitely helps knowing that we not alone in this syndrome and having this forum just for mutual support really…
Also Jhdiaz, keep your head up high man, don’t let it get you down - it’s tough but what can we do it’s like our bodies have just been ruined and we need to respect it and try and listen to it more. Try not push yourself beyond your limits. All I’m trying to do now is just walk once a week maybe 2-3ks at a normal pace, … from going from representing my country in Squash and colours all the way thru school and gym being strong to just walking it feels like I’m 80 years old Lol. But I’m just trying to keep my head up and accept it. Our bodies are fragile


Hey Damon. After Years of muscle atrophy and weakness have you reached a baseline or becomes IT weaker and weaker. Im so afraid because of my muscle los in my right calve.