Does Minoxidil cause FSH reduction?

Sorry, forgive me for not being able to do a formatted operation to describe my symptoms, because this is a complicated matter

I first took sertraline hydrochloride due to the doctor’s misdiagnosis around 2018, and then was hospitalized under the second misdiagnosis in the second hospital and took the drug sertraline and fluoxetine. At that time, I had been suffering from hair loss, so I took Minoxidil. After discharge the first thing I tried saw palm, I’m fed up with hair loss before the start of the fast and take finasteride for nearly three months I see I recently do check first sexual hormones FSH was 0.6 (miu/ml) (1.5 12.4) prolactin also very high, I have been think is due to the male amine but when I check in the hospital of the sex hormone check, only to find that he has become such a data

I didn’t know what was causing my bad hormones, I was upset, and I observed that there was no brain fog before I took finasteride, and the brain fog was only caused by finasteride

FSH is common among PFS people… Minoxidil gave me PFS because it is an anti androgen just like Finasteride or Saw Palm.