Does low level laser therapy inhibit 5AR?

can someone read through that and let me know? i can’t really understand

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" Weiss and coworkers, by using RT-PCR and microarray analysis, demonstrated that depending on the treatment parameters, LLLT modulates 5-α reductase expression, which converts testosterone into DHT, alters vascular endothelial growth factor gene expression as wells as matrix metalloproteinase (MMP-2) which have significant roles in hair follicle growth, and in turn the group reported stimulation of hair growth on human dermal papillae cells [4447]."

Seems like you got your answer.

It also seems to me that attempting to prevent / halt hairloss is probably a terrible idea for people signed up here.

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Right but that part means it inhibits it?

Says modulate but not really grasping that meaning

From what I understand the low level laser therapy acts more as a vasodilator and allows blood flow to folllicles, rather than interfering with DHT.
I’ve been using one the last couple of years since I dropped finasteride .


But what’s the interpretation of that study where it says “modulates 5ar”

Doesn’t that imply inhibition?

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The definition of modulates is ‘exert a modifying or controlling influence on ‘ …couldn’t say for sure what it does!

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I’ve been using a red light cap for 8+ months now without any issues. However, interesting find there!

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Thanks. You also seem to think it implies that it inhibits 5ar?

I’d like to see the specific study they are drawing this conclusion from, I couldn’t find the full study it refers to. Key phrase in there is as well is “depending on the treatment parameters”.

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