Does Food Worsen Your Tinnitus?

I’ve noticed that certain foods make my tinnitus temporarily louder. The effect is significant enough to be noticeable. Has anyone else experienced this?

Yep I have for sure. It’s been worse post orgasm as well

I’d say earlier on for me salty foods for sure
MSG foods too

Thank God I must say mine has calmed down considerably and hope to God it stays that way or hopefully gets even better

They STILL haven’t found out what’s the root unbelievable

@sg8627 It could be jaw related? Since pfs ppl are suffering /bone/gum recession…a dentist checked you? Bas jaw is also a cause of tinnitus.

This is what I’m trying to pursue for my tinnitus because its probably the only type of t that could be treatable and my t increase when I tense the jaw muscles

For me I think stress and hard exercise exacerbates it.

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Are you guys able to change the tone of your tinnitus by tensing your jaw muscles. I can do this on the right side around the tmj and temporalis.

Mine does for sure

Do you not think it’s either because of tmj mayve the jaw is putting pressure on the inner ears or nerves?

I had TMJ before PFS (due to an injury) which was 100% fixed with night splint therapy. It didn’t cause any tinnitus at the time. I stopped wearing the splint since PFS and my jaw problems came back. I have only reintroduced the splint last night. I will let you know if I have improvements to the tinnitus, but it will take a couple months.

my tinnitus problem resolves after hearing it for about a month, but will still come back for a few days if you are on a mini or big crash, i will say time and mood have a part in it

Mine seems to be more physical from jaw muscles. I’ve had mine for 13 months.

Yes. I definitely noticed a connection between dairy and tinnitus. If I had a slice of cheesecake, I’d get tinnitus but only for a short while.

The tinnitus is mostly gone. I get a very short and small episode like once every 6 months now.

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