Does Finasteride use cause Vitamin B12 deficiency ?

Just got my final blood test result today it said I have a B12 deficiency.

Could this of been caused by Finasteride use ?

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IF the vitamin D receptor has been significantly down regulated, which appears the case by our very low levels even when supplementing, I wonder if it’s possible the entire super family of receptor genes have been disregulated?

No i doubt it. If it is seriously low there will be another root cause, which im sure your doctor will be trying to figure out. If it is a little low i suggest you change your diet.

I have only had this problem since using Finasteride so I believe it must be connected with my Finasteride use.

How often do you eat red meat?

I eat a lot of red meat atleast 3 times a week. I just eat two steaks last night to try and get my B12 levels up.

Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. Mine and others on the forum have normal B12.

Have you been tested for gluten intolerance?

I took fin without eating food that might have messed up my stomach.

Low B12 - Can be related to an immune problem.

Are you anaemic?

Not that I know of. I had blood tests done and the only problem that showed up was B12 deficiency.

Low B-12 Can be related to anaemia. Are you pale or Iron deficient?

How’s your cortisol?

What does your Dr. say about your B12 deficiency? You should get tested for pernicious anemia. In the mean time there are quality sublingual supplements of methyl B12 that can begin to combat your deficiency, they go directly into your bloodstream and do not need conversion in the liver (inability to convert B12 in the liver is the cause of pernicious anemia). You may also need injections if your deficiency is severe enough, but your Dr. will determine this. Simply eating red meat may not be able to combat your problem. Since B12 deficiencies can lead to nerve damage it’s important for you to get on top of this with your Dr.

bad digestion can lead to a B12 deficiency. High dosages oral can help, but better injections.

hi im seeing a dr in london harley street dr charles forsyth and with all the testing we have done i am vit b, magnesium, zinc co enzyme 10 and gluthione deficient. so i think we have a chronic gut inflamation not helping us take in all essential minerals and vitamins.
this inflammations plays on your adrenals and thyroids. i think everyone should try magnesium, b complex, vit e, zinc, co enzyme 10 and gluthione, it definately has helped with energy levels or try eating foods which have high levels of these vits and minerals.
also i have low elastase i dont knw if any other guys have this problem with low digestive enzymes, i am going to see an allergy doctor which does a treatment called desensitisation EPD i dont knw if any1 has tried this but it would be nice to knw your experience.
i have bought spray version of these vits b12,magnesium,vit c, and mineral mix as i find it more affective.

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Cortisol is fine. Iron deficency does not seem to be an issue.

I have already started on injections I have only had two so far but they made me feel a lot better, but I’m still nowhere near 100%.
The GP I’m seeing isnt the best I think I need to see a Doctor who is more specialized.

How do I get tested for pernicious anemia would I need a blood test for that ?

My B12 came back fine. I still decided to inject B12. I never got any sort of improvements from it.

My B6 and folate were low though.

My B12 has been consistently low (see bloods). My cortisol (serum) has also been below range and my thyroid levels are very unstable.

mark2012, read up on pernicious anemia here, there’s a section on diagnosis:

Hello Mark,

i would love to make a few things clear.
A B12 deficiency does not mean you have a pernicious anemia or getting one. Anyway, at the beginning it is very easy to treat. The best thing are B12 injections. If you like i can have a look in my books, which products are the best, because some can make very soft allergic reaction, that depents not on the b12 but on other things inside, like conservation stuffs.
You doc can give you a plan. Who much and when. you can do it easyly by yourself. Normaly is i.m. but you can do it also s.c. I´m doing i like that.

We have a bad digestion. Called malabsorbtion.
a) the 5AR works also in the gut on the muscels
Again, here you can were the subtypesd of 5AR are expressed.

b) Some have a 5AR deficy
Because, the 5AR is expressed by androgen action

c)suppl even with DHT just brings short benefits or nothing. In anyway, raising T or DHT in anyway, like clomit etc. or suppl.
Some cells became Hypersensitv to androgen action and shuts down (Just read awors theory)
Cells that are highly dependet on the Proteins, induct by androgen action will die or not work corectly.
Cell dead—> inflammation. but this is a abacterial inflammation and also not autoimmun.
Sure, when the gut is not working normal and is action slow, other bad bacterials and fungis can make party!

So did fin a inflammation? YES, is this the root of the Problem? NO

But Brainbug, why is my beard still growing and other things work?
This depends on the simple thing, that we a) are very individual, even the expression of a AR and of the 5AR (as we see on the symptoms)
Fin sets a defect depending on the expression of the 5AR and AR
The cells become hypersensitiv on each tissu
to androgens. but not everywhere the same and like i wrote this is depending on the expressin of the AR and (cause fin blocked it) the 5AR
When it steps over a point, a damage is done and some cells are still fine but also hypersensitiv…not not so sensitiv, that they shut down the Protuction of the needed Proteins.
This is the reason, why some guys still have beardgrow, there is a guy whos dick become bigger, there is a guy who can get faster and bigger muscels than before, a guys skin on the dick is hurting, because the cells are more sensitiv to Androgen and as we know also on nervs are AR his nerves are hypersensitiv. they didn´t jump over the “critical point”, when the cells start to shut down. Short before this point it stoped. Why do you think we have 3 knowen Subtypes of the 5AR?
ALL our Problems all the Hormonal problems are just a result of a bad reaction to Androgens and this is not a autoimmun thing. If you still think its autoimmun, just jump on a very hard immunsupressiv drug and see what will happen. It will bring short also benefits, because the immunsystem slows down “the cleaning” of the dead cells. but is that a cure? NO

Anyway, it is a good idea, to suppl. a body with the things that are missing caused by a malabsorbtion.