Does everyone with a PFS have a high SHBG and low free T?

If so, have you tried lowering SHBG and increasing your free T?

What would be the best protocol to lower SHBG?

There are lots of threads about this. Use the search function.

No, my SHBG has always been on the lower end of the range, but my T is also low, before I believe it was from high E’s now that my E seems to be lowered it still hasn’t shot back up… maybe becuz I did TRT.

There seems to be no effective way to lower SHBG. Maybe proviron?

I took metimazole from 2014 to 2016 for thyroid antithesis. But the current thyroid hormone levels are normal.

Did the TRT work? Didn’t the T change after the TRT?

I think it lowered my hormones by about 100 points, I was on arimidex as well and it looks like my E levels have lowered… but so have my T levels now.

TRT made me super strong, but it also impacted my mood greatly. I was really angry and aggressive and sad… I think it was an emotional roller coaster for me. Erections were there sometimes but not all the time, it was really hard to balance.

Boron may lower SHBG and I believe l. Reuteri may increase free T

I also have high SHBG and low free T. Never tried anything to lower it. I suppose I’m just a bit afraid of the unforseen consequences.

I had a blood panel done a couple weeks off of fin (late January). My SHBG was pretty high, and my free T was a little on the low side but still within the range of normal.

I had another one done in late July and I don’t think it found that my SHBG or free T was out of wack.

Oh, your story makes me sad…

I want to try something. I’m prepared to go bad. I soon became in my late 20s and lost my mid-20s in vain.

In April’s test, my free T was 7(8-40). However, SHBG could not be verified.

I’m considering taking small amounts of Boron to see if it makes any difference through the mechanism of lowering SHBG.

Do you have any food that contains boron?

I’ve found boron pretty useless at lowering SHBG