Does Dosage Affect Healing?

Hi guys, I hope you’re all well.

Just a quick question, does anyone think the dosage of the drug that caused this affects the outcome of recovery?

I was put on 150mg (I know, that’s a lot) of Sertraline and stopped taking it suddenly back in 2014. I read that some people get PSSD/PFS etc on much smaller doses.

Does anyone know anyone who used to take a very high dosage like me but got better from this condition?

I don’t think dosage really matters at least in Finasteride and other anti-androgens. There are people who took one 0.25 finasteride pill and were totally destroyed from it, and there were those who took dutasteride and got slight sides.

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There appears to be absolutely no correlation. I have had people tell me they developed permanent and severe side effects from as little as a few days of a low trial dose of Accutane and there are finasteride and Lupron patients who got wrecked for life after their first exposure.

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