Does anyone make progress in meditation?


Does anyone here do breath/concentration meditation? Have you done it previous to PFS? are you noticing the same benefits now?

For those of you who haven’t done meditation but want to try, please look up “breath meditation”. Try it everyday for 30-40 minutes at a time, for a month.

Please report back if you notice improved cognition such as :
improved memory
improved concentration
reduced anxiety/depression
faster problem solving
increased awareness
better sleep

i literally cannot make progress in this exercise anymore and it makes me sad.


Hey Lakehouse!

I just posted about this. I have definitely progressed in meditation since PFS. I meditated before PFS, and I admit there is a difference to the exercise.

However, my memory, calmness, and happiness have increased because of meditation during PFS.


Thank you for your post. Do you suffer from mental sides by any chance? Or have you recovered from them? Did Like brain fog or derealization?

Also, what do you mean difference to the exercise? Different technique? If you can link your post that would be great as well.

Appreciate your input btw, Im glad to hear it’s benefiting you


My mental sides are basically sadness and fatigue (physical and mental fatigue). I don’t feel as hyped and motivated as before. Little bit of brain fog when I’m feeling fatigue. With that said though, I have recovered a huuuuge portion of my mental normality.

What I meant is that before PFS, meditation seemed easier and like I could reap more benefits from it. Now when I meditate, it’s harder to concentrate in the moment. It could be that I’m also super stressed from PFS and that’s why it’s harder to focus. Either way, meditation has helped me a ton throughout PFS. In my opinion, it must be done daily to reap everything you can from it.

How to begin meditating and using "RAIN" to be at peace throughout PFS is my link to it and more :slight_smile:


Yep, I am doing breathing meditation too. I am able to do 1 full breathing cycle for over a minute, it comes up like less than 60 breathings per hour. The outcome is no anxiety, deffinitely clearer mind, dunno if this relates to the exercise, but ever since I started it I got my muscle wastage and weight loss resolved. I got my pre SP weight recovered.


It reduces stress and strenghten your control of your mind. Definitely beneficial. But don’t expect anything significant, it’s just a meditation.


i get the feeling its harder for us because of Gaba, Pregnenolone, and Allopreg.

When I took finasteride, I couldn’t get the full benefits of meditating. Then when I took dutasteride, I lost all the benefits, including the few I still would get. Ive lost the ability to do the most life changing activity Ive ever done lol.


I disagree. Meditation can definitely help with depressive and mental symptoms, man. It won’t cure you, or effect your libido/ED, but it can help significantly get you through.


How long have you been meditating? Sorry you haven’t been getting results from it, man.


before i got PFS, i meditated every single day for an hour at least, sometimes 2 sessions morning and night. then i would stay present throughout the day doing active meditation.

ive meditated with PFS for 3 months consistently and made no progress :frowning:

i try to be present and meditate, but it’s difficult to spend more time when i have an idea of the outcome.


Yes, meditation helps. It can help anybody. I don’t do it regularly but sometimes I feel my life getting a bit out of control so I meditate to restore balance. I have tried to meditate to progress in my life and health and at times I felt blocked. That is OK. You can come back to it at a later time when you feel you are ready to receive its benefits. It is a very personal thing.

I’ve practice mindfulness meditation through the Calm app, which I think is worthwhile, and I did a transcendental meditation course. Both techniques can help you restore balance in different ways. They’re tools and you need to learn how to use them. If you don’t feel like its working, put it aside but remain open to it working later down the line.

Modern science does not satisfactorily understand how or why it works, but people have been doing it for thousands of years at this point. From a mechanism of action perspective, different techniques synchronize brainwaves differently. From a symptom perspective, there are plenty of studies showing it can improve mood and anxiety and other things.

I’ve honestly overdone it where it has destabilized me in the short run so I recommend to stay open minded and take it slow to see what you can handle and what works for you. It’s an art, but there’s real science to back it up.


Bumping this because I’ve noticed great benefits from meditation. I meditate daily, 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes at night. It allows me to live somewhat normally and go on with my day despite the depressive thoughts, anxiety and racing mind that PFS causes.

I think everyone with PFS should give meditation a shot, it really helps you ignore the terrible thoughts that many of us are familiar with.


hey thanks for replying.

what type of benefits do you notice?


Calmer, better mood, less racing thoughts, and I can somewhat live my life fine despite the depression, anxiety, brain fog (For example I was terrified of traveling or going to a restaurant before, now I can do it just fine because meditation allows me to ignore the feeling of terror/anxiety I get lol)