Does anyone here have experience with testosterone undecanoate?

I’m thinking about getting some i want to try 80mgs per day for 90 days or should i go higher for results

You usually dont inject undecanoate every day. Undecanoate is usually injected once a month or every two weeks because its a very long ester. If you want to inject every day then propionate is for you. Consult with your doctor

Not the injection the softgel version that comes in 40mgs per pill

Oral testosteron is not good for the liver i guess. Im on trt and i feel much better i inject testosteron enathate 100mg twice a week . Libido is high, erektions are great, i feel much more confident, also better sleep.

Your progress seems great is testosterone all your taking?

Yes testosterone only, no ai, no dht, only testo enathate 200mg/week

@Meisterberger so if you try it i would recomend not to inject 80mg/undecaoate every day the half life of this ester is 14 days und 560mg/week is way way way to much for trt you defenitly will become all bad sideeffects that are possible if your doing it like this. Look enathat has about 6 days halflife and i inject 100mg 2 times a week and thats a really high dosage for trt . You shoul talk again to your doctor thats insane a standart trt is about 125mg/week! I only can do 200 because my bloodwork is perfect and my doc is cool with that.