Does anyone have this "indent" (most visible semi-flaccid)

Makes sense, i don’t know about this tissue deterioration though… Im gonna be away for a while since i see improvements with my new PAS protocol, so i don’t want to dig this further.

But i think if one can get few average erections in a day, that would be enough to keep the penis tissue healthy?

Also lots of prostatitis cases report hourglass flaccid issues too. I think many things are in play here. When i use bathmate, right after pump, my indent seems to be gone away. Maybe get one yourself and try it to see.

@Ozeph Sorry if i asked this to you before, do you remember having this kind of issues, scar tissues on penis, peyronies etc.? Did they heal once the bloodflow is fixed? Sounds very scary.

Goodluck to all!

No, I didn’t get any changes to my genitals

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