Does anyone have significant hearing loss?

If you have any hearing loss, how significant is it? Just minor, or quite a bit? Do you hear a low-pitched humming or high-pitched? Do your ear or ears feel plugged or full? And have you seen a doctor or had any tests/scans done?

Has anyone been diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease?

At 26 years old my hearing has gotten significantly worse. They feel plugged and full and I hear a low-pitched humming noise. This is not normal, and I’m wondering for those of you who have suffered from this what you have done about it. Has anyone solved their hearing loss and gotten back to normal? Or at least improved it?

Constant tinntius (high pitch humming) in my left ear with very minor hear loss on the left ear as well…I can hear my Wristwatch ticking when holding it close to my right ear, but to the left i hear nothing (im ofcourse talking about a mechanical wrist watch :D)

Yeh got the loss, humming and tinnitus. Was in one ear only but now in both Hearing tests and investigation came back normal. Certain foods seem to aggrevate it. Its worst upon wakening often after a nightmare, high pitched noises worsen it too. I also think stress and anxiety turn it up a notch. Calmness helps.

Hmm, so you’ve been tested for hearing and it’s normal which is great, yet you have humming? I would think that if someone had humming they’d also have hearing loss. Which foods aggravate it for you? I would agree with stress aggravating it, anytime I’m stressed my symptoms magnify.

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Alpha reluctose foods, alcohol and cigarettes. All of which I only used to have on occasion. My smoke alarm went off the other week and it took the Tinnitus to a new level thankfully just temporarily. Like most PFS symptoms calm is key

I think theres a chance this is more some type of inflammation then hearing loss, causing the plugged sensation. I have it too. A mucous thinner like NAC thats also anti-inflammatory may help.

Hopefully that’s all it is. I should say my hearing “loss” improved Friday evening and has been better, although it’s still there somewhat, but not bad like it was Friday morning. I had been watching a few movies on Wednesday and Thursday and was using ear plugs that go pretty far in, plus the volume was probably too loud, so that may have irritated my ears. I stopped doing that on Friday and it’s not as bad like I said before.