Does anyone have low T and low E2?


I have been on Fin for 16 months and recently I noticed a really bad ED problem so I quit it cold turkey.

After I quit I start to have insomnia and panic attacking. I also start to sweat a lot!

My blood test after a week of quitting shows that i have low in range T 12 (8.9-29) and below range E2 74(90-190)

Anyone has similar situation?

Sorry about my English, it is my second language


I have 29,7 nmol/l testosteron and 560 free testosterone. so very good values. but still have pfs lool


Yeah @kknd269 here we are!
I have low T (in range) and low E2 (below range).


Well I think it depends very much on how many time ago you suffered PFS…because the hormones are.changing pretty much over time since quitting.

This is a good example…because I have very high Testosterone and also E2…both of them over the range.



I haven’t been to this forum for a long time…hmm this post was quite a while ago. No one replied it at all at that time. I have been recovering since Last December and I am living a normal life for many months. Everything feels pretty good except I am few years older than pre fin. Maybe I should go get a blood test sometime to see how my hormone level is now


There were 2 guys I have talked to on skype after meetinf them on forum. They really helped me mentally at that desperate time and gave me the hope that I can recover.


Hi…of course you should make that test.
You are living normal life but are you recovered? at what %? What are your current symptons?



Yeah, I called my doctor but I am scheduled like 1 month later.

I do not have any sympton now. Everything is pretty normal since January


There has been time I was seeing not only doctors but also psychiatrist becasue I was panicing a lot and had insomnia. I am grateful that everything is back to normal now and I don’t care about my hair anymore.
I tried paleo diet for a month, I also went to UK at end of last year to see a doctor there. Someone in the forum recommended her, saying she had some experience dealing with PFS and she gave me some supplement from UK. She told me she helped few guys recovered but it took a long time so it is hard to say if the treatment helped or they just recovered after a long time. My recovery happened after that trip and it was pretty fast so I did not even have a chance to try those supplements


I couldn’t find the reocovered story section in this forum anymore. I read some helpful suggestion there which gave me a lot of hope