Does anyone feel like a truck hit them in the morning?


Hi all,

On top of all the other stuff in dealing with, every morning, no matter how much I sleep, I wake up like a truck hit me. I am lightheaded, extremely tired, and I’m in a daze. In addition, I hear this like swirling, sea-shell type of sound in my ears. It’s almost like my brain is not acclimated to my environment. I wonder if this has to do with being horizontal for so long and the head pressure building up. It’s like every morning my body is completely out of balance and needs to recalibrate for a while. My head even feels slightly numb like a bad hangover.



i always have a hangover in the morning. Every Morning. and i havent drunk since a few weeks


Me too - everyday for the last 2 years and 1 month, along with a permanent dull headache. Or is this brain fog?


I mean I have the brain fog but this is a very physical type of feeling. Funny thing is this was better for a while and got worse. Now I need to go through my Rolodex of suppliments to see what I stopped taking or what I took that helped this.


Haven’t had a refreshing night of sleep in years. Some days I’m able to recover after a few hours and feel slightly energized but that’s not most days


The way I would describe how I feel every morning is within the first 5-10 minutes after waking up I feel a bit of a rush of energy and mild excitement (how I used to always wake up pre-pfs, that would normally kind of just last all day until bedtime) now seems to drain out of my body within minutes. It’s like there is a surge of androgens in the morning that gives me an excited, euphoric feeling that would last all day. Now? I still get a milder version of that but again, it seems to dissipate very quickly. It feels like having a water balloon that rather than staying full all day has a giant tear in the back and everything leaves me within the first 30 minutes of awaking.


I’m the opposite @trav


what about the unit? I wake up most mornings with nothing down there, and again, maybe 5 minutes after I’ve opened my eyes it will usually swell up, not solid like it used to be but definitely worth mentioning. It usually goes away within 10-15 minutes.

Very different than pre-pfs. Used to be Id wake up rock, and it would last like 30 minutes or something ridiculous. Almost a nuisance haha, but I miss that.


lol i havent thought about that before. but since pfs no morning wood


I feel like an 80 year old man when I wake up. No woodie, no libido, no pep in my step, and almost feel like I have a minor cold. I also have no ravenous appetite like I used to. If I try to rub one off in bed I usually ejaculate fast, only get a semi erection, feel no orgasm, and shoot only .25 inches


Yeah I get nothing either. Unless I had a night of heavy drinking or have lifted a lot of weights that week I might get some weak morning wood that is gone as soon as I stand up.


my symptomology is skewed at the moment since I take tadafil at least once a week. if I stop for more than 2 weeks, im pretty much constantly dead down there


Have you tried sleeping with your legs elevated to improve blood flow to the brain? Or taking a supplement before bed that improves blood flow. A cold shower perhaps before bed. Just some thoughts.


I’ve tried most brain blow suppliments. I haven’t tried elevating my legs. Maybe I’ll try that


Are there any that gave you a bad reaction?


No but don’t take my lead as an example. Nothing makes me feel better or worse for the most part. At least not enough to tell. I don’t sit here and try and calculate the exact effect of everything I take. If it doesn’t make a profound impact I don’t think much about it.