Does anyone feel altered tastes and smells?


Does anyone feel altered tastes and smells?


Does anyone have these symptoms?


Yes, at the beginning.
I have also experienced extreme teeth sensitive to cold and it was extremely painful.
The problem lasted several months.
Finally I fixed it with hCG.


Lo proverò anche io Andrea :slight_smile:


I have almost no taste or smell. Kills me not to be able to taste food. Every enjoyment of life is gone for me :unamused:


Yes man, not even to lick a pussy we have more enjoyment …
Do not hear neither tastes nor smells… bad thing :persevere:
It’s like a total devastation


Yes, I have a poorer sense of smell as well! I noticed it when I couldn’t smell flowers and cooking smells like I normally could.

@Damon I can see you’re really distressed about this friend. Sometimes, staying away from this forum helps me feel mentally better. I try to limit the times I logon here to once or twice a day. Crossing fingers that you start to feel better naturally soon man.


I need to abstain from this forum a bit more, thanks for the reminder. If anyone finds a cure, don’t forget to let me know :slight_smile:.

I can still taste, smell, and feel things on my skin, which is weird because I probably have some of the worst neurological symptoms. It seems they just simply bypassed certain things. Like I still feel chills when a girl runs her fingernails on me for example. Yet when I step outside it’s like I’m inside the matrix - everything around me somehow staged and not perfectly configured. Like a poor simulation where they didn’t get everything right. But emotionally I’m totally rooted and connected. Anyways not trying to hijack - but also wanted to note that even with all these crazy perceptual issues, food still tastes the same and I think my sense of smell is fine.


Yeah, I agree with @SmallBallsBigHope.
@Damon, try to keep away from forum.
Stay off helps.
At this moment I’m recovered 200% from mental side effects (yeah 200%, better than pre-pfs) and fatigue is improving day by day.
Recently I have passed a very difficult university exam at the first attempt.
My memory, mood and focus are great.

Mental sides when they improve !?

thats awesome, man, congrats! If you’re doing amazing in school with a chronic disease, I can’t even imagine what you’re going to accomplish once we have actual treatments for our condition!


Before pre-pfs I was one of the best students at high-school.
My memory was amazing, I needed only a couple of hours to memorize one hundred pages.
I passed final examination with 14/15 studying only the day before and the morning before exam. :rofl:
Great time!


Do you have a member story topic @Andrea? Perhaps you could update it with your current status?


I will update soon @Greek.


Yes really distressed :persevere::persevere::persevere:


Grazie Andrea, amico mio, si provo a staccare…
Io mentalmente sto veramente molto male…
Spero di migliorare almeno questo…


I’m sorry to hear that, man. What helps me with the mental symptoms is meditating every day for ten minutes, and keeping myself busy. Light exercise helps me a ton, but overdoing it can make me more tired.

I find that when I stop meditating, I unconsciously spiral into this state of obsessiveness over my condition, and this stress and anxiety makes me feel even worse.

I’m not saying my “remedies” will work for you and everyone else, so you should try and find what helps you get by with more ease, until we have a treatment :slight_smile:


@SmallBallsBigHope that sounds really interesting, could you make a topic about meditation and give some sort of description about how to get started, what your symptoms are and how it helps? I personally feel that stress makes my symptoms worse - or at the very least my perception of them makes things seem worse. As a result, I try to keep positive as much as possible.


i think we have very similar conditions. i have the same what you described. in my case eating is the only pleasurable thing of my life after pfs. because it still tastes good. i also have no physical sides.


i wasnt that smart before but when i learned i would have ok - good exams. now i fail even with learning. its like i forget everything what i learn. but the things i have learned in the past stay in my mind( like math skills as example) . but when i need to think about something tricky i get headaches now. :sleepy:


Sorry to hear this man. I take it you read my member story. I have physical symptoms of twitching and head pressure, but that’s it. Also dizziness