Does anyone experience a sore prostate after excercise?

I’m at the point where I experience some libido after excercising, but my prostate/penis gets sore for around 24 hours after doing it, depending on how heavy I do it. I can feel that there’s some potential for sexual activity down there then, but it’s like the penis needs to heal in this period. I lift weights and perform around 100%.

I have food related prostatitis which has become a lot better after I quit gluten and I suspect these two are interconnected somehow. Anyone else experiencing this?

If I quit probiotics and especially NO donors (Citrulline and friends), this soreness gets worse. In the start of PFS I could be exhausted and have severe pain and retraction for weeks when I got too physical. It was extreme, however, this has gotten better over time. But I also was more sexually potent at that time. It was like everything fired, but my body couldn’t handle it.