Does anyone else shake?

I notice that my body has a very slight tremble to it I never had before. It’s going on all the time.

I’m pretty sure that has to do with dopamine, or lack there of.

all the symptoms that I have coincide with hyperthyroidism too. I wish that was only the case.

Muscle twitches is what I call them. Can’t seem to get rid of them and my neurologist doesn’t believe them.

I believe muscle twitches and shaking are two different things.

No. I have a slight tremor to me. Mine sounds like a thyroid function problem.

Muscle twitches are called Benign Muscular Fasciculation.
It’s harmless and I’ve had that since I was a kid.
Mine they think was due to anxiety.
It’s annoying and occurs mostly in the legs, it can occur other places too though. … n_syndrome

Like I said. Muscle twitches and tremors are TWO DIFFERENT THINGS. You can get tremors from lack of dopamine, like parkinsons patients do.

I have been having my Tremors and they are getting worse.Now my whole body is trembling and I’m scared. I have asked numerous people on this board for help but no one can really answer me.

How does this thing that we have affect our dopamine levels?
How can 5ar2 effect my nervous system?

Try supplementing with L-dopa, or mucana Puriens.

I get those too Scared…tremors suck…It’s bad…I think it might be a lack of 3 adiol G. our bodies are unbalanced. It could be lack of dopamine, but what I can only think of is a low 3 Adiol G which is the culprit for our problems IMHO.

The main problem with mine is that they are 24 hours a day. my whole body, really slight tremor. Even my jaw. It not noticeable to the naked eye but I feel it.

I just started L-Dopa last night. It says take 6 to 8 capsules before bed every night. 3 months on, 1 month off. No effect as of yet, how long do you think it"ll take for some relief?

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That is some powerful stuff… I suggest you research some Parkinson’s Disease forums and websites to understand more about L-Dopa, side effects, etc. Here’s a good one:

Is what I’m taking now.


I know this is a decade old post, but I have a very similar shake, constant spasm in my abdominal muscles and other areas. Did this ever improve?

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I don’t shake, but I do twitch often, which never happened pre fin

When I seperate my fingers slowly my fingers shaking and I have muscle twitching as well, what causing this?