Does anyone else find they feel less attractive to women?

Now I’m not trying to get all incel with this or have a pity party, but it’s something I’ve really noticed. Both when I was on Fin and before that, I found that occasionally girls were into me. I wasn’t Casanova, but I did alright.

In the 3.5 years of PFS, it’s felt like the complete opposite. I go out with friends fairly regularly and just find I virtually never have that spark with women nor feel like they’re digging me.

Now I don’t want to blame it all on Fin, as I find it very easy to put all my woes on it. I am 28 now whereas I was in my early 20s then. However, I think it is a bit warranted where it pertains to androgens. Is it possible that my body not processing testosterone makes me less appealing to the opposite sex?

This might be one of the more frustrating things I’ve felt in recent years. Beyond even libido or erectile issues, I just can’t even build up to the point of intimacy with someone to the point I’d feel comfortable telling them what I’m going through.

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Sad fact is you shouldnt tell a new women what you’re going through. Good friends might even have a problem understanding and the sex who’s searching for someone at least with a dominant attitude towards life will just be not into it, it might ruin your chances if you shoot out that weak stuff right at the front.
Pls dont mistake what Im saying with don’t open up, but a new women doesnt need one more crying girlfriend. Yes Im making assumptions, but I’d say this goes for 95% of women unless you have been in a relationship for longer. Crying your heart out and portraying that you can handle and fight this shit disease, now thats attractive to anyone.
I thought the same as you do after losing my hair while I was NW0.5. Totally plateud and barely had any sparks with women till after a year I got out of this shit.
Was out with a girl while being fullblown impotent days after crash with still mental sides(no chance to cancel…) and she def was into it. Just told her I was bit sicklish last week and not fullforce backyet but she didnt care about all of it. If id tell her im sick and not feeling well she prob would’ve stopped talking to me and the whole date would’ve been ugly from the getgo.
We probably feel way shittier after this experience and it might show in simple conversations via body language or tonality, which have prob the biggest impact on women.
I still have it in my hand like “she knows I crashed and have problems down there! I’m weirdd!”, this shit is popping up everytime, but ik it’s absolute bullshiet xd.
I’ve done a lot of presentations in my life and while I was deadscared and handshaking ppl always complimented how confident I am doing those. Your body is a great tool to expand and/or hide your mind behind it, not the other way around.^^

Edit: i will refrain from commenting for awhile my hormones are fluctuating af and I still have weird bursts of overconfidence, depression and sadness xd. Take what I say with a grain of salt xd
I was very attractive in teenage years and doing awful with women cuz I had no frekin idea what they wanted xd Took me 3 years of pickup and social dynamic learning to become really good at social interactions etc.

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In my case, I not only feel less attractive, I know I am less attractive now :sweat_smile:

People who haven’t seen me in some time don’t recognise me, and even need some seconds to understand it’s me after I tell them “it’s me, (my name)”.

Also, I get a lot of comments from people that I have known recently telling me that I look like a different person in photos that I still have in some social media from just two-three years ago.

In the past I looked just my age, not older, not younger. Now I have been told many times that I look ten years older. I try not to say that I am 29 because the faces of surprise that follow that statement hurt me a little :laughing:

I have thought of uploading my images in the thread where they talk about the face changes, but I wouldn’t feel safe uploading these images in a forum about propecia sides, at least still not now.

Sorry to hear this man… i mean how did your face changed? Why do you look older? Bone loss or something?

Might be the loss of confidence. I don’t feel confortable at all around girls im into, so possibly that lack of confidence shows up.

Not at all. Since I show lower interest in women they got more interested in me.

I cant tell for sure. Maybe I would be more attractive, but I still Iam attractive.