Does anyone also get pimples/folliculitis in scalp like raised red bumps?

These bumps are painful when touched

I noticed that I used to get pimples when my testosterone levels were high.But after PFS, my face doesn’t have acne.I had a brief recovery when I got acne again.Now I notice that my scalp has pimples,so I think I have high levels of testosterone in my brain as well.This is similar to the high levels of testosterone in the cerebrospinal fluid of PFS patients revealed in the paper

I started getting foliclitis approx 8 years ago. It cleared up when I stopped Minox. It flares up when I eat any 5ars. However my skin becomes even dryer. I believe the lack of sebum stops my body from getting rid of it permanently. I also get the pimples they feel like spots you can’t squeeze.