Doctors aware of/recognize PFS: Need suggestions


I’m from India and unfortunately many doctors here are ill equipped to deal with or even hear about PFS. Not gonna go into detail why.

I would greatly appreciate if people could drop the name and/or contract details of docs who they know are aware of PFS or believe that fin use can cause ED. I have gone 4 months with ED after 6 pills and have gotten some blood work done. Need a doc who is willing to hear me out. Thanks.

See if they have doctors in your country

The doctors in the United States do not believe us either and there is not much treatment anyway. :frowning:

My doctor has seen two other patients for PFS. Says they recovered, one took more than a year, but at 24 I am the youngest. At least one doctor believes me, although as you said no specific treatment is available that is bound to work. Lots of trial and error, time, patience and hoping that one day it might work. After going through this forum though I do believe lots of people have recovered since they either stopped posting or some posted recovery stories.

In terms of recovery though, amount of the drug consumed is not a factor I believe.

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This is correct.

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