Do your orgasms feel good?

Despite no libido and a numb organ, my orgasms still feel good. What’s your experience with this?

Not really.

Mis orgasmos son 3/10 , pene sin sensibilidad y eyaculacion casi sin semen , llevo 1.4 meses sin dutasteride aprox y tengo 20 años :frowning:

Orgasms are fine. Sometimes they’re even more intense than “normal”. Very strange.

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My experience is pretty bad, very low libido, kinda hard-flaccid, zero sensitivity and as a result almost non-existent orgasm. What about your erection quality and any other issues?

Same, hard flaccid couple hours after waking up, a little better in the evening. Absolutely no libido, no visual arousal. My erections, if you can even call it that, just a half chub pretty much. It’s like my blood is trying to escape from my dick. It will turtle shortly after getting semihard. Zero chance for me to have penetrative sex. Its weird I have observed my dick and gonads. My balls spiral/move all the time, but my dick also moves left and right in slow fashion, along with suddenly retracting and expanding randomly. Not related to temprature at all.

That’s so weird man, makes me wonder the mechanism.

Only a couple of months? Wishing you all the best, hope you recover

Have you tried any pills to treat that? My urologist suggested me to take Tadalafil and Sildenafil (not together). Anything like that? If so, was it helpful?

I’ve tried Cialis, its hit and miss, but my dick is numb so it doesnt feel good. My tip especially has the most numbness

Next to zero orgasm sensation ever since PFS 15 years ago. It was in conjunction when semen also became watery. It got up to maybe 5-10% with HCG, when semen slightly thickened.

Curious if there is a correlation and others experienced the same.

My tip is numb and soft no matter how hard gets the shaft. I don’t know how it’s possible as my blood flow is perfectly fine.

For me it’s the opposite, I’ve noticed increased thickness after I started experiencing problems, especially during my PE period. Although sometimes it could be watery.

For me orgasms are like 50% of what they use to be.
I can’t really have that all over sensation an orgasm would give anymore. It’s like it’s just in my genitals.

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Probably 3 out of 10 from what they used to be like.