Do you have this?


hi all,
not sure if you know me but anyways quick history about me
no history of using propecia/fin/accutane/ssris but I share alot of symptoms like you such as genital numbness/rubbery feeling, no feeling in ejaculation, low semen volume, no morning spontaneous erections in 2 years etc…

Anyway can you still clench your penis? You know like how your mind can make you kind of raise your penis etc and even get an erection? Does it feel like the signal is gone?


This is actually a really good question and I’ve been wondering the same thing for the guys who report penile damage. I can personally still clinch my penis muscle in flaccid and erect state however doing so doesn’t get me erect.


its like the signal doesnt go through all the way, im thinking this has something to do with neuro transmitters. I get like an electrical twitch and thats it. No more arousal etc


Honestly, I don’t know if clinching the muscle ever got me erect on demand without looking at something to get me stimulated.


This is a really great question. I know all guys know how this feels, you have like a little string you can clench your penis up and make it move. It does feel like it only goes kind of half-way down the shaft now. I can still do it, but it doesn’t really have the same strength, that is for sure.