Do you guys find your hairloss has slowed a lot since getting PFS?


I’ve had PFS for 2 years now and my sides are mostly sexual in nature. One thing I’ve noticed is that my hairloss never really ‘caught up’ for the 5 years I took Fin before quitting.

Anyone else have this?

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Not sure about finasteride but I know for accutane my acne is pretty much gone so whatever it did, it hasn’t undone for me yet. But I’d take acne any day over soft, stretchy elastic skin, that’s 100x worse than acne ever was, makes my skin look like it was almost godlike before.


Had PFS for around 18 months now, finding the same, sexual sides but no hair loss


Yes, I would say so. I think I’ve lost a bit since quitting but not nearly as much as I was losing before ever taking finasteride.


Massively increased, specially since my milk thistle crash


Same. huge increase, and it’s gone extremely dry.


I never had any hair loss before Finasteride, and neither do my father or any of my grandfathers. You would almost think I shouldn’t have taken it (duh!). I now have extensive and accelerating hair loss, constant shedding, very dry, thin and damaged-looking hair. I am convinced that I would not have any of that had I not been on Finasteride.


i don’t think i have PFS, but something similar with the estrogen receptor and i have to say my most prominent symptoms is my severe hair loss that i never had before (no family history of MPB) that had went extremely dry, as well as hair loss on my brows, nose hair, eye lashes.


Interesting that opposite answers came out. Hair loss slowed or increased. As there were 2 types (or just different levels) of syndrome.


Mine almost completely stopped