Do you get worse through years?


I think this is an important question, my first symptom was just low semen volume when i took accutane for 2 days. I was glad that i didn’t experience anything more. But now, after 4 years i start to realize my morning wood loss and new erection quality loss+ low orgasms.

It seems i get worse by each year instead of getting better! What was your experience on this? Did you get worse slowly and develop new symptoms? Im so scared now…

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I’m certainly starting to get better. How far and how quickly and how long that carries on is of course anyone’s guess.

I’m 9 months post crash.


Happy to hear that for you. I turned 21 this year and im actually scared of my future. I don’t want to get worse… i don’t want to be a impotent adult in the future! This is so scary. I wonder how was the experience of the long time sufferers…

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We are all there mate… Hoping for a brighter future and at best an improvement of our symptoms…
We need to keep in mind some have been suffering for years and mostly noticed better times… The acceptance is probably part of the process too…

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You will only get worse if you make a mistake. Wrong supplement, diet etc.

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What if you do nothing & still get worse :confused:

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While this is true for many, it is not true for everyone. We have cases of people who get worse without touching any supplements or following any special diet.


There has to be a trigger to get worse. If you live like a robot 24/7 every day, do the same things, eat the same things, same work and sleep habits etc. and your hormones are stable then you will not get worse in my opinion.


You are kinda right… in this winter i tried many supplements and got a little worse. However, the reason of my attempt after 3 years was my sexual worsening in the first place… but it was a mistake, now, i experience slight erection problems which didn’t happen before my supplement cycles…

Im really concerned now because my semen volume looks lower than ever these days… i ordered new Vemoherb Tribulus i will use it next week, hope this not an a other mistake.

My question to all of you, is it possible to get worse even without experiencing a classic crash? I think im the mildest online case in the forum. Im a strange case, my problem was just low semen volume until this 4th year of the journey. I start to experience reduced orgasms and sometimes softer erections… is this possible guys? Have you ever got worse naturally through years? Is this condition will going to damage me more as i grow older! Shit! Please help me…


Have you experinced this situation? Did you got worse naturally? But im not talking about mini crashes etc. Im talking about slowly reduced sexuality, through years… without a crash.


Yes 5 years went by of my 9 years & I basically forgot about pfs went on with life, sex, career etc but steady noticed a decline in my body. Only thing I can think of is stress being related that’s the constant in my life from work,relationship, life . If I say I was at about 60-70% recovered I just came to terms with that. It wasnt until I started visiting the forums again & seeing ppl get worse from supplements, foods etc.


Maybe a stupid question, but when people do get better over time, especially when it comes to neurological symptoms, what do you think is the reason behind that?


This can deteriorate on it’s own over time. It doesn’t require a mistake with treatment.

I gradually worsened, with a few windows of improvement, while doing absolutely nothing treatment-wise for the vast majority of the first 11 years. The past 9 years it has become more rapid while undergoing countless treatments that don’t work. The only improvements have been in regard to fatigue and pain. Sexual and mental/cognitive symptoms are so much worse than when I was 19.

Think about it. People’s health typically declines over time. You are screwed up in the first place and have the effects of aging in addition to this condition working against you.

People who think that every PFS/PAS/PSSD patient can ger better over time are lying to themselves and others.