Do you feel cold too?


Since I met the Syndrome my body burns, but now it is extremely cold. I feel the cold in my bones in a strange way as never happened before especially in the legs. You too?


At crash I felt really hot. A month later, in the middle of the summer, I had to sleep with a winter duvet as I felt so cold at night. I think my body temperature is back to normal now.


I think this a common PFS side effect.

When I was at my worst I would always have to wear a jacket even on warm summers day.


body temp is normal but i get cold very easily now, my extremities get very cold and subsequent bad circulation


I used to get chills a lot in the early days of PFS and couldn’t tolerate air conditioned environments. In the 10 years since then, I’ve increased in weight, from 165lb to 190lb (and sometimes more), and while the increase in body fat as helped with the chills, my limbs still do get cold, and I don’t radiate any warmth, and get constant comments on that.


likewise about my limbs not radiating warmth


You can use hCG (gonadotropin) to stimulate LH and so testosterone.
Ask to your doc.
With hCG I never feel cold.