Do we have any theories linking illness with temporary recoveries?

Forgive me for not diving through every post on the forum, but I was hoping somebody could shine some light on theories which explains why many sufferers experience temporary recoveries when unwell with a virus.

I have noticed this myself, including today, where my emotions and libido have returned in light of being somewhat unwell (hopefully not COVID-19!).

I was contemplating as to why some people have reported benefits from consuming probiotics. I wonder whether an immune-related response to the introduced strains could perhaps be a way of explaining the short-lived benefits people who take these strains experience? I know I benefited from probiotics for a while…

Thoughts welcome!

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This is where the autoimmune theory comes into play. Body is fighting something else so it calms down its attack on dht or androgen receptor.

Or the prevailing theory on this forum with AR over expression: when sick T/DHT lowers and you get a temporary relief from the toxic gain of function that t/DHT has from an overexpressed receptor

While you are not expected to have gone through every post on the forum, you are definitely expected to have gone through every post of mine, and especially the ones where you have been tagged. :slight_smile:


Apparently parasitic infections which modulate the immune response (th1 vs th2) suppress specific arms of the immune system resulting in relief of symptoms in autoimmune disorders like multiple sclerosis.

All this immune stuff has sparked my interest again, i’ve seen some improvements the last 2 days but unfortunately a sore throat has emerged today so i’ll probably be back at square one once this cold wares off, dang.

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