Do u think my T3 lowered?

One week away


as you can see before using dutasteride 1 month ago i had sublinical hypothirism, now no. And since its being only one month later t3 could still variate…what should i do?

But i think that T3 is in lower range and doesnt look good. Also have high Blood cortisol (in range but in the limit) and i think that i have problems with my gut (yellow stools and flatulences and i read gut issues can cause problems with thyroids since at least 20% of T3 is processed there). Both things, cortisol and Guy dysbiosis could be a problema for thyroid.

Some of my symptoms are:

-nocturnal bradycardia
-feet/Hands numbness

What do you think? I know that T3 and free t3 are not comparable directly but since i had a good amount of free t3 in octubre is strange to have low T3 range right now

ED: I’ve also read about the existance of the reverse T3 so my T3 could be eeven lower.

Sry for my english