Do physical sides resolve using creatine?

Hi everyone,

I have been reading about creatine use against pfs. Some member have tried this and reported a boost, before crashing and making symptoms worse than before. Im not considering using creatine because of this. However, just because im interested, to anyone who has used creatine, did your phyical side effects like

  • muscle loss
  • penile shrinkage
  • gyno
  • bone loss in jaw and cheekbones
  • facial fat loss

resolve or get better in the time of “boost”? Did you regain muscle, tissue or bone structure when getting better on creatine?


In my opinion, creatine does nothing except build muscle and be a nootropic. If you look at the studies, only one study so far has shown a significant increase in dht. Over 10 others have not.
Potent in this respect are Tongkat Ali, Cistanche or Fadogia.
I have had very good experiences with Fadogia (like herbal HCG) and Cistanche (increase 5ar and other androgenic key enzymes). But for some it could be risky who knows.
Anyway, I have noticed some physical changes, whether this is due to time, my intense training and healthy lifestyle or supplements I can’t say.
Penis is no longer like rubber and bigger again, skin and muscles are recovering. I even had like little broken lumps of fat everywhere under the skin like a net, which are hardly there now.

Creatine don’t work for pfs , don’t waste your time , if you have real pfs creatine , supplements and herbs don’t work

People have landed here because of Herbs. And by the way, Fadogia and tongkat Ali can quadruple your testosterone if you start low.

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I know, however some have reported a temporary improvement before it got even worse.

Don’t be fooled by herbs and supplements in pfs, many if not all recoveries about herbs/supplements are bogus, and some experience placebo effects with herbs and supplements, supplements and herbs may help minimally for other things, but for pfs, real pfs, Never Cheers

I never considered taking supps or creatine.

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You talk about herbs and supplements as if they were a magic cure. There is no such thing. It can help to deal with stress a little better, maybe be more active again in sports, alleviate depression a little or optimise your brain power, for example with nootropics. All of these can help the body to recover better. But it is not a cure overnight - there is no such thing. You should stop believing that one single factor will bring about the desired result.

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Yeah , you know , supplements or herbs don’t work for pfs , pfs is a tremendous disease , so yeah , you are right , don’t waste your time with herbs

Someone sometime said on this forum something along the lines of “i sure the cure must sit on the supermaket shelf somewhere”. This idea way off. Why should there be a supplement for pfs? All other diseases cant be cured with supplements, so why should this be the case here. Its even questionable if supplements have any benefit for anything at all, even for healthy people. Ive read studies stating this. The supplement idea needs to put aside already.

Its even questionable if supplements have any benefit for anything at all, even for healthy people. Ive read studies stating this. The supplement idea needs to put aside already.

Mind sharing those studies saying that supplements don’t help at all?
And yes, i’m sure iron supplements don’t have any effect on people, so people with iron deficit could perfectly stop taking them lol

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That is the wrong way of looking at it. It is not about a universal supplement that completely eliminates Pfs for everyone. There is no such thing. It is about alleviating the symptoms as much as possible. For example, it is often the case that people with pfs have a dopamine deficiency. In this case, tyrosine or cistanche as a mild mao inhibitor can have positive effects, but maybe not. Everyone has to find out for themselves what is good for them and what is not. The truth always lies somewhere in the middle.

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