Do coldshowers encourage the body to demethylate genes?

" Long-term exposure to cold temperatures could actually affect our gene expression and influence our fat cells, a recent study suggests. Research published in Nature Communications offers more evidence on how lifestyle choices and exposure to our environment can dictate the way our genes express themselves, an overarching theme of epigenetics."

" An organism’s sympathetic nervous system responds when it’s cold for a long time by releasing adrenaline, eventually reaching white fat if the cold persists. First, the cell begins to change an amino acid in a protein called JMJD1A, which is a histone H3 lysine 9 (H3K9) demethylase. The altered JMJD1A (also known as JHDM2A or KDM3A) then recruits other proteins."

“The JMJD1A protein is linked to numerous processes aside from thermogenesis, including infertility, cancer, determining the sex of an embryo, and the renewal of stem cells.”

Just something interesting I found on Google, wondering what everyones thoughts are on this and has anyone has had any benefits with cold showers?


Cold showers are one of the only things that can bring me out of the lowest of lows when those happen.

I explain cold showers like riding a roller coaster. When it’s over you feel relief lol.

Haven’t done it enough to say if it affects gene expression though. Meditation and exercise may also change gene expression.

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Very interesting. Dr. Sinclair mentions that cold can reduce genetic age. He posits genetic age is related to how many methyl groups are on your DNA.

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