Distended Bladder - took Propecia over nearly 2 years ago

I was hospitalized in the ER for a distended bladder last Thursday. They couldn’t find what caused it. They placed a catheter in my penis to drain my bladder. It was left in from Friday through the weekend.
They tested my urine the same day.
The tests that were performed to see if it was a UTI and came back clear.
Which lead them to assume the cause was due to one or more of the medications I was on.
I saw the urologist on Monday and he removed the catheter. He too figured it was one of the medications I was on that would’ve caused the distended bladder.

I haven’t taken Propecia since November of 2021 I took 9mg over a course of 9 days.
I’m wondering if after all of this time, it still had an effect on my system or something and is causing my bladder to be enlarged (distended)

I am currently on Invega (Paliperidone) and am also wondering if that could’ve been the cause?

I’m experiencing a lot of tension in the bladder area.
Really frightened that my bladder will become distended again. I really can’t handle this.

Invega has completely destroyed some people physically similar to severe pfs…Having taken both could have been a setup trigger similar to haven taken Accutane then finasteride or finasteride twice…I took Accutane 30 years ago then finasteride twice in 2014 then my body fell apart barely alive today…

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Hey. I’m sorry to hear that. I’m not doing too well myself nowadays. What kind of symptoms are you experiencing?
As for Invega, what do you mean? could you further elaborate?