Disorders linked to insufficient androgen action in male children

This is keeping in mind the thought of off-target proteins and the ARs close relationship with Retinoic acid.

Disorders linked to insufficient androgen action in male children


AR is a member of the nuclear receptor family that includes receptors for steroid and thyroid hormones, vitamin d3 and retinoic acid proteins.

Chemically distinct ligands interact with structurally related receptors

Random example,

Interactions of testosterone and all- trans retinoic acid in regulation of androgen receptor expression

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The first link looks interesting. I will check out but i have the lack of basics of biology.

Do you think crashing at younger age can stop or halt the penile development? Can Accutane cause this?

Via direct damage to AR’s on genital skin OR

via prostate damage causing bad bloodflow, nerve and circulation damage therefore invaiding penis to get those full erections and strecth the tissue to grow the penis to its genetic max size?

Have you ever seen a size increase after 16 years of age? You crashed earlier though right?

Do you know the mechanics of how penis develops? Can AR skin damage also cause damage to its development of size? Or the development happens more from the “inside”? Any idea how Accutane may have damaged us on this regard?

I don’t think the issue lies on the hormone levels at all. They are fine.
Even if it did damage can it grow back if we recover? Or the cells and receptors already “moved on” from there? Cuz years passed…

Can you please share your knowledge and comments on this @guitarman01? I would like to discuss this further, thanks.

Have you ever tried TRT btw guitarman?

I asked a lot of questions i hope you can answer them all when you have the time.

Im looking at retinoids or its metabolism for growth and development, not androgens.

When I was feeling pretty shitty quite a few years back I had my testosterone tested,
It was around 750, no reason for TRT.
Not that this couldnt fluctuate with a type of disease progression that could cause something like secondary hypogonadism.
I think @Dubya_B could attest something similar. At his worst, his hormone blood levels were in near perfect range, including testosterone.

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Thanks, do you have any idea about other questins though? About could Prostatitis itself can halt the development of penis? Or do you think we have also “damaged AR” on penis like PFS cases?

Any assumptions or personal experiences?

Damaged AR?

I think ive posted this before,
AR overexpression to compensate for the loss of Vitamin A signaling.
Maybe a possibility.

Spermatogenesis in the vitamin A-deficient rat: possible interplay between retinoic acid receptors, androgen receptor and inhibin alpha-subunit

Compared to the normal testis, expression of 110 K AR was up-regulated by vitamin A withdrawal.
Immunohistochemically, nuclear AR immunostaining was more intense in the VAD testis than in the normal testis.

These results suggest a possible interplay between retinoids, androgen and inhibin signalling systems in Sertoli cells in the regulation of spermatogenesis during retinol action.

As far as the prostate,
The retinoids, the natural or synthetic derivatives of Vitamin A (retinol), are essential for the normal development of prostate.
Vitamin A can also promote immune activation as well as immune tolerance.

Again you could play the same game with Accutane that has been done on here for years with Androgens.
Just like with TRT, an outside source or disruption of retinoic acid signaling could shut down the body’s own natural production and cause problems.

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A few links here. These are all fairly new outlooks and concepts that only go back a couple years at the most.

Theoretical Engineering of the Gut Micro biome for the Purpose of Creating Superior Soldiers