Disappearance of recent topics


Hello all.


Some of you may be wondering what happened to cause the disappearance of some recent topics/posts.

A software issue resulted in the need to restore a backup after data loss Saturday Night / Early Sunday Morning. Unfortunately, didn’t include new posts from the past 2 days.

This post is simply to address the issue since someone has already inquired regarding one of the posts that was lost. Axolotl has elaborated a bit more here: Propeciahelp site news and feedback thread


On of the recovery threads seems to be removed. Why?

Just a quick thanks to all the Admin and Mods for working on this software issue especially over the weekend when you could be spending that time with family or friends.



Thank you for keeping the site running!



Hey, @ac3c, @MerryChristmas , you’re very welcome and It’s nice to hear our work is appreciated.

Axolotl and Awor in particular put an abundance of time into maintaining this site and keeping things moving behind the scenes, and I know it takes quite a bit of family time away from Awor.

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