Direct evidence for the involvement of intestinal reactive oxygen species in the progress of depression via the gut-brain axis

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Here an extract of the paper that its interesting:

Another approach for depression treatment targets the gut microbiome and improves brain function via the gut-brain axis. These approaches include fecal transplantation, probiotics, and prebiotics that target the intestinal environment. However, the clinical effects of probiotics and prebiotics are limited [29], and issues associated with infection have been observed with fecal transplantation [30]. Accordingly, another strategy to treat depression via the gut-brain axis should be considered. In this study, we focused on intestinal ROS as target molecules. Orally administered siSMAPoTN protected the intestine from oxidative damage and maintained homeostasis. Surprisingly, siSMAPoTN not only protected the intestine from oxidative damage but also alleviated the inflammation in the body and behavioral depression symptoms caused by CRS, despite its antioxidant effect being limited to the intestine and not observed in the blood or other organs, such as the brain. As far as we know, this is the first report that clearly demonstrates the prevention of depressive symptoms induced by CRS via the elimination of intestinal ROS. The proposed intestinal ROS scavenger is a novel antidepressant candidate that can be used to treat depression via the gut-brain axis.

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