Dihydrotestosterone stimulates 5 alpha-reductase activity in pubic skin


But then We Should all do a massive dose of DHT to reverse the 5 alpha reductase and return to having sensitivity to the penis and rest of the body? :confused::confused::confused:


What makes you think this ?


Genuine question no disrespect whatsoever, I find it interesting as well


Curious as well. Aside from tribulus and other major t boosters. How would one take a huuuge dose of dht? Could this shock the system into coming back online?


I believe I’ve read of other users using topical dht cream (andractim I think it’s called?) on the genitals with good results but I don’t think they concluded that it was a cure.


Isn’t the theory that our problem stems from the big rush of DHT coming back after quitting propecia? It seems like this would just recreate that scenario


If so, people must felt intense healthy sexuality just before the crash. And i never saw a case like that. Im not a PFS sufferer myself. So im not sure of course.


Many felt even hypersexual before the crash, myself included.


Friend, I have not understood yet: with what did you have PFS with Soy?


First I got only mild PFS from soy + calorie deficit. 2 years later I crashed harder from licorice extract and milk thistle.