Diffuse hair loss from FIN anyone? Any answers could help

Hi guys,

So ive been off FIN for 2+ years. When I started FIN it gave me really bad diffuse hair loss. Shedding was insane. Additionally, gave me bad ED, shrinkage, acne, headaches, low semen volume, etc.

Fortunately, I have recovered from almost everything (about 90%) but my hair shedding is still bad. I believe i have reflex hyperandrogencity. Before FIN I was loosing 5-10 hairs a day, after FIN I am still loosing about 200+ hairs a day.

Has anyone else experienced this? Also, has anyone recovered? Have any suggestions? Could it be due to thyroid. androgen receptors be too sensitive now?

Please let me know your thoughts.



Why would you ever take fin if you lost 5-10 hairs a day?

I don’t have any answer for your question, but does it really matter? Whatever the reason there’s no cure for it sadly.

My right side hairline was receding. So weird because it hasn’t received since I started but my hair began to shed like crazy. So annoying

Also, nothing is permanent, and there is a cure for it. You MUST believe this, otherwise you will lose this battle.

Stay positive, manifest your recovery. I did this everyday for years and I slowly but fully recovered all my sexual side effects. With manifesting comes actually doing something about it.

So do your homework.

Good luck.

Yup, I’ve been losing 200+ a day for half a year now. Really made me realize how much hair I had to start with even though people commented about it all the time. It hasn’t stopped and I don’t know how to halt it. Think it may be related to seborrheic dermatitis. Do you have a rash, itchiness, or dry flaky skin?

Sorry to hear. How long were you on fin before you quit? Do you have other classic reflex Hyperandrogenicity symptoms such as oily scalp increased libitdo?

Zero libido. Def increased oily scalp and face, I also sweat like crazy even from my hands and feet. Tried fin 4 times about a week each at different dosages/schedules before I crashed.

Thats scary. And you’ve been off of fin for 6 months now?

there’s an intense scalp massage technique that a guy named rob english found which provides really good results for hairloss

its worth a shot if you want, but it requires a lot of time investment. 40 minutes per day for 8-12 months

your response depends on your body

as for if i experienced this diffuse lose from fin - no

PFS halted my hair loss and i dont lose anything despite taking nothing

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Been off your almost a year and a half now lol

Honestly struggling to just keep going every day, kinda given up on the hair but thanks for this mate

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im still attached to my hair, trying to thicken it and stuff

i know people with pfs usually say that we should get over it and i understand that, but i love my hair and i dont want to suffer this hell + look less attractive

Damn, feel your struggle man. Thinking about trying Rosemary Oil treatment to stop the RH

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That’s a 5AR inhibitor too so personally I wouldn’t try it.

Look up scalp massages by rob English and his website perfect hair health

I’ve been doing that just about every day. Takes a while to get results but I’m committed. It has A lot of great testimonials and anecdotes

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