Difficulty reading, slow thought

Do any of you guys have a hard time reading? It feels like when I read, the words don’t “flow” into my head the way they should. It feels like they get stopped right at or behind my eye and don’t go “all the way in” for processing.

This is on top of my mind not moving as fast as it should. I definitely feel like there are processing problems in my head. I just don’t think as fast as I used to. It makes me want to shy away from social situations because I’m not as quick and witty as I once was. I used to have a come back for everything, now, forget it. I have to go away and think about it for a while and then maybe something will pop into my head and maybe it won’t. Also, creativitely has taken a huge hit.

Any of you guys experiencing this?

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I had one single dizzy spell when coming off…nearly passed out…so I know fin crossed the blood/brain barrier…I know what you mean though. I had similar problems but learned not to panic or get stressed when fog happens. It’s important not to psych yourself out as well, try to complete the mental tasks rather than avoiding them, (even if at a slower rate). I felt this helped me to somehow re-train my cognition and speed things up again. I’m a Maths teacher so I had to go through this process otherwise I could’ve ended up with my class staring at me thinking ‘what’s wrong?’

After 2 minutes of watching a movie / tv I get mentally and physically tired.
How can we accept these situation, I mean it ruins our lives…

I don’t have trouble reading, however when speaking, the words don’t flow. FOr example, when I want to jump into a conversation with a quick witty remark, I generaly don’t do so anymore like I used to. I was on Propecia for 8 weeks and I’ve been off now for 9 and while it’s better than I was on Propecia, pretty much anything is better, so that’s not saying too much.

Do you ever jumble your words? Or is it just that you can’t speak as fast.