Different responses to Tribulus

Why do some people have good effects with Tribulus and other testoboosters if our ARs are upregulated? What is your theory?

I have done about 5 tribulus cycles, and I’m fairly confident that the differences of response is due to an individuals cortisol levels. For me, tribulus lowers cortisol. As time has progressed, I’ve been focusing more on my thyroid and cortisol levels and I can say without a doubt that it does lower my cortisol, as I exhibit low cortisol symptoms when I take it. That being said, I think it would help high cortisol people - I can’t say with any certaintly, but I have a good idea that may be the case.

And about libido/ED? Do you feel anything?

With tribulus? No, the only time it helped sexually was with a high dose. Had good morning wood, but felt like shit otherwise.

The difference is that some really have the syndrome and others are just hypochondriacs who should stay away from forums like this because they cause people to ruin their lives with their posts that say “tribulus has healed me / made me better!”