Diet - Worth it?

Hi sufferers, simple question, is a diet worth it? Do you actually get any benefits from eating clean, if so what are they, and what is the optimal diet.

Is there anything else you do to mitigate symptoms? thanks

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No, ninguna , muchos aquĂ­ hicieron dieta incluido yo , ninguna mejora o solo empeorar un poco , ahora yo me alimento con cualquier cosa y estoy mejor que cuando hacĂ­a dieta

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Eating homemade, healthy food helps all around, I feel. But you’ll have to experiment a bit to find what makes you feel good. For me, getting enough healthy carbohydrates was the challenge.


So you don’t eat anything like dairy?

I believe the best diet would be eating only wild vegetation you harvest yourself and wild game meat/fish you hunt/catch yourself as well as drinking rainwater. Most people are not able to do these things for a number of reasons, sadly.

I try to minimize gluten, simple carbs, dairy, seed oils, and alcohol. It doesn’t make a huge difference, but I feel like it at least helps me not get any worse.

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What is “healthy” isn’t an exact science but I don’t follow any particular diet. I do however try to eat things that agree with me and also eating in a pattern to maximize metabolic efficiency.

  1. Avoid canned food (inc soda) because they all contain endocrine disruptors.

  2. Avoid/limit seed oils and soybeans (only a few edame to sushi).

  3. Try to eat carbs earlier in the day or after a workout. The body is more insulin sensitive at those times.

  4. Sensitive cooking methods (boiling, steaming or low heat oven) rather than harsher methods like grilling and frying. Especially for meats and starch rich foods.

  5. Also I don’t use any plastic cooking ware, including non stick. Because 99% contain endocrine disruptors and most have been shown to leak into the foods to some extent.


Ever read the ingredient labels on popular food items in stores? Butylated hydroxytoluene, tertiary butylhydroquinone, xanthan gum, azodicarbonamide, among countless others. Would you stir these into your drinks or sprinkle them on your food? No, didn’t think so. So why do you buy food items with these already mixed in, let alone eat it?