Did you feel better on the drug?

How many of you guys felt better on the drug than after getting off of it?

Within 24 hours, I had ball ache, huge headaches, immense brain fog, blurry vision, bloating, penile pain, scalp itch, hair shed and a few other sides I can’t recall off the top of my head.


Not me. My symptoms already started while taking Fin around the third week or so, I quit after the fourth week.

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I was much better while on taking the deug.

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Can you please take the survey?
Thank you.

Already took it fam


During the 1 year of Finasteride use my only symptom was gyno and lower libido. I was able to think normally, finish my college thesis in programming, do everything just as before mostly.

After I quit I got severe androgen insensitivity, brain fog, personality changes, penile numbness, sleep disturbances, the whole lot…

So yeah I was definitely better “ON” the drug, I guess…

Yea I know it was a response to Tomas but something went wrong with posting.