Did Reckful have PFS?

Found this on Reddit about the ex professional gamer and Twitch streamer.

Thinking back, his whole demeanour changed drastically around the time he would have come off the drug.

I then found this tweet from 2018:

I remember reading somewhere that his older brother committed suicide in his early 20s after taking an SSRI back in the 1990s.

Reckful went on to commit suicide in 2020 at age 31.

Maybe Reckful had PFS, then took an SSRI which tipped him over the edge? I think it’s highly likely given the family history. Really sad.

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This is quite possible as I believe this kind of problems could be much more common than it’s usually thought. I watched Sexual Medicine conference about PSSD and they speculated it could even contribute to the lowering birth rate in the developed countries.

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It’s so weird. You’re definitely onto something. I was looking at reckfuls interview with dr. K a year ago. He talks about it as well. It’s insane that people like you and me search this deep into this stuff & how much in common they have

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Just came across this. Reckful 100% had Post Finasteride Syndrome. I am absolutely 100% convinced. Why? Because I’m going through the exact same thing. On his last couple of videos you can also see how dry his skin is, how swollen his eyes are and how dry and fizzy his hair is. These are all PFS symptoms. I’m experiencing the exact same thing and thinking of ending my life as well

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stay strong.


I think he did have it, because he said his penis went numb after it.

But he also was bipolar and had depression in his family so it’s hard to say for sure (although numb penis strongly suggest PFS imo).

Yeah could be that he had a history of mental health issues, but that FPS pushed him over the edge. I just saw him of his last youtube videos and you can really see the super thin and dry FPS hair on them. It’s not wispy balding hair like normal balding men have, it looks different.

Please don’t end your life mate. You must stay strong. To offer you some encouraging words, I completely recovered from the PFS alien hair and my face has started producing oil again. Hang in there.

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Thanks mate, but I’m now almost at the 2 year mark. It’s extremely unlikely that I’m going to recover. This is basically it. It’s also not just my face, it’s also my muscles, my penis, my skin (very thin and painful) and joints.

Literally just sitting at my work desk and leaning on the arm rests of my €€€ chair hurts my arms.