Did I Overdose on Topical Finasteride

I went to a specialist hair clinic and was prescribed a 100ml solution containing 0.25% Finasteride & 7% Minoxidil.
I was told to apply 2ml daily using a dropper which I did on and off over a course of 4 weeks. I stopped immediately after side effects which have persisted since January 2023.

Does anyone know whether this dosage is within the normal range for Topical or could it be I was misinformed and applying way more than I should have?

Yes you were misinformed and applying more than you should have.

I wouldn’t beat yourself up over the dosage, what we know is that Finasteride is so effective when taken orally that it’s effects are practically dose independent when it comes to inhibition of 5AR.

That is to say, that if topical application acts similarly to taking a pill, there’s a good chance that you’d have had a problem either way.