Did anyone’s Head Pressure and Brain fog diminish? Any advice on how to help the healing process?

Hey guys,

Another question I have is regarding head pressure and “brain fog”. Used topical finasteride 0.1% with 6% minoxidil for 36 days (July25th-august 3rd). I used regular rogaine brand minoxidil for 2 weeks prior to starting the topical finasteride mix. It’s 7 days after stopping on August 3rd due to slight erectile issues and the cloudiness in vision and just daily regular functions/thinking and focusing is making me worry, especially the head pressure and constant headache in the back of my head. I run a business and do not want this to hinder my performance.

I talked to one person that experienced the fog but would like to hear other success stories on how they healed and any advice they would have for me. I’m only 7 days into my crash should I just let my body try and heal (do you think it will? Did yours?) or is there anyone on here that has a recommendation to help increase the healing process of these mental symptoms. Currently I’m eating healthy and exercising each day and trying my best to get good sleep but sometimes the head pressure interrupts my sleep.

Appreciate you all


Brain fog is tricky it may completely go away with time mine fluctuates from severe to very minor. Your still so early on in your crash though and if you notice improvements within the next 3 months or so you should be okay. Don’t stress it man you will have to wait it out for a while though. Also make sure not do use minoxidil either there’s people who got PFS from minoxidil there’s studies showing it down-regulates androgens I think it’s posted on one of the threads.

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Thanks bro. I’ll focus on what I call The Big Three: Healthy Diet, Exercise & Sleep. Hopefully it will subside. Appreciate the quick response! Calmed my nerves :call_me_hand:t3:.

i dont believe in this. minoxodile cant be as dangerous as finasteride

I think @axolotl posted a study I think it’s dangerous myself topicals still can have systemic effects on us look what happened to me, I took a shampoo with ketokonzole and saw palmetto and I have very severe symptoms I never touched Fin.

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but SP and Ket are anti androgens. minoxidil is in first place a blood pressure medication. i still dont get how it could be that dangerous. i think axolotl posted a study where they found out that minoxidil has also effects on AR. Maybe thats the reason why. Im asking because i have high blood pressure and will have to take such medications in future …