Did anyone managed to reverse facial wrinkles and collagen loss?

My face is getting worse daily and nothing helps. I have more sleeping wrinkles as 29 y/o than my parents who are 56. This is worst side ive experienced. Pls give me hope guys…

Hello! What have you already tried? Also, have you tried any collagen supplements?

I tried many things, including retinol( made me worse in every possible way), but never tried collagen supplements. Are they safe?

Other than non-invasive surgical treatments such as dermal fillers or platelet rich plasma injections, the only thing I’m aware of that can reliably stimulate collagen production is Vitamin C. It has to be applied topically though, oral supplements won’t cut it.


Im doing chemical peels and vitamin c aand topical collagen peptides. Zero help. I can’t even stop worsening…

I have experienced some collagen loss. The only thing that helped me was getting more sun exposure, even though a lot of people claim it lowers collagen.

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