Did anyone manage to lose weight? How to get rid of belly?

Hi everyone! I try to find anyone who managed to get rid of body fat/water retention during PFS? I’d appreciate valuable advises! I’m on minimal dose of calories since a week (this is my 2nd week with fckin pfs) so i think i have more of water retention. Thx!

Luteolin helps against the horrible bloat.

Nice! could you please send a link of such a product? cant find specific treatments on google with that.

Stop eating sugars, carbs… Guaranteed to lose weight.

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As mentioned, i stick with the essentials now (carnivoire diet) zero sugar etc, so it seems its more like water retention is my issue. Any advise on that?

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btw I also start magnesium in addition today


Something like this. DISCLAIMER: It is an aromatase inhibitor and progesterone antagonist, so it can be potentially problematic. I have zero problems with it, however, and it really makes me dump water weight and stops me from looking like I’m pregnant due to all the damn estrogen :grin:

Wooow thanks so much! I’ll amalyse if i find here in my country locally and try it!

Sea Salt is very important, Not table salt. Listen to this very smart woman…

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Just go into calorie deficit. It’s that simple. I went from 25% body fat to 10% within 6 months. Just heavy weights, calorie deficit and patience. I didn’t even changed my diet, still had sugar every day and tons of carbs.


Great to hear invictus! What does the result mean to your appearance? You have lost fat from your abdomin and elsewhere?

There’s not much evidence that heavy weights helps if you look at the number of people who have been unsuccessful doing that.

The thinking is that boosting testosterone is achieved by lifting weights. If playing tennis has that effect then you can consider it the same thing, I guess.

For me btw keto diet made the job after some months: lost all unecessary fat, got rid of facial puffiness as well

I just put my calories and macros into MyFitnessPal because I’m not a very intuitive eater (I wouldn’t have gotten fat otherwise). Been 6-7 weeks, lost 3 kg so far. Hoping my estrogen levels come down as well. Overall goal is to go from 86 kg to 75 or so.