Did anyone have success lowering the voice back using exogenous DHT ie proviron andactrim etc?

I’m seeing my voice is changing. It’s as if it has less depth and vocal cords aren’t ringing as they should. Lowering my voice is possible to an extent, but its not automatic anymore, and doesn’t project authority like it did without effort before finasteride.

Curious if any others had noticed their voice lowering while being on DHT. Because then this might indicated it being related and even dependent on DHT levels.

JN (yahoo member) noted lowering of the voice using trt and dht. Haven’t found any others mentioning it as of yet, only in a theoretical sense.

Pls let me know


Fenugreek improves my voice’s deepness but it’s unreliable. I didn’t even know it was possible to deepen one’s voice within 12 hours until the first time this happened.

If that’s your greatest worry, consider yourself very fortunate.

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@orthogs It’s not. It’s one of many.

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wow interesting, how would you say fenugreek is able to bring your voice down, does it improve the androgen ratio?

I have no idea. It has steroidal saponins that definitely affect hormones because it does lots of other things also, to me anyway. After a few weeks of taking it regularly it caused nipple itching, but I haven’t gotten gyno. The label does say it increases breast milk production. Not the reason I bought it though!

The one thing I’d say it does very reliably is promote fantasizing about cuddling with the opposite sex, but not in an erotic way. Hope that makes sense. Kind of weird writing that out lol.

Good stuff, thanks for clarifying. If it causes nipple itches it can cause gyno later on, it’s one of the first signs. If it increase breast milk production it might be caused by prolacin then. Not really a reason to buy indeed haha

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